Donnie Welch

Donald C. Welch III (DCW3)



Donald C. Welch III or DCW3 lives in Brooklyn, NY. His current project @SocialLit explores new forms of poetry and collaborative writing derived from Social Media.



Hillside Market & Other Small Miracles Self-published

Who Gave These Flamingos Those Tuxedos?  Wilde Press 2013.



“90’s Power Hour”, “I saw” Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

“A Martian Visits the MFA Boston- After Humanity” Oddball Magazine

“Dark Pines” Concrete Literary Magazine

“Dem Bones” After the Pause (Forthcoming, June 2015)

“Eat Your Heart Out Kid”, “Buddha Statue in Rural Indiana”, “Ms. PacMan”, “Zen in the Art of Beer Pong”, “Hospital Bed”, “Grocery Shopping with a Vietnam Veteran” Undergraduate Spotlight in The Emerson Review Vol. 43

“Empires of the Mind” Slippery Elm Literary Journal

“Finding Myself in a Wendy’s in Clyde, North Carolina” South85 Journal

“Hawaiian Shirts”, “The Fall” Rare Breed Magazine Vol. 1

“Heaven Better Have Free Refills” Eunoia Review

“John Khan” Inky Needles

“John Wayne Rides off into Sunset Blvd” Catharsis

“King Philips’s War”, “How to go Grocery Shopping With a Vietnam Veteran” War, Literature, & the Arts (Forthcoming, Fall 2015)

“Marathon Monday” The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

“Maybe Montana Trout Jump” Gravel

“Nature versus Nurture”, “Happy New Year, We Sell Tobacco Now” The Emerson Review Vol. 42

“Pachyderms”, “Noble Truth” Rare Breed Magazine Vol. 2

“Please Stop Fucking in my Bathroom” Eunoia Review

Rushmore Inky Needles

“Shadowing” Whippersnappers

“Sorry about the Guacamole” Gangsters in Concrete

Three Haiku in Issue 30 Haiku Journal

“Two Poems  (2)” Seven By Twenty

“Wyoming: A Love Poem”  Eunoia Review


Blogs & Essays

“#SocLlit: A Twitter Collaborative Poetry Project” South85 Journal

“The World Wide Theater at Our Finger Tips Howl Round

“Writers on Writing #74: Donald C. Welch III- @SocialLit”  Passages North


Contact: donaldc.welch3@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/donniewelchpoet

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/donnie-welch-poetry



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