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So Cliché

My biggest critique of contemporary poetry is that many writers sacrifice clarity for originality, creating lines and sometimes whole poems that simply don’t make sense. This critique is usually countered by the argument, “Well, it’s a poem,” as if that’s … Continue reading

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Title Fight

One of the most important features in my writing are titles. Titles not only set the tone artistically, but they act as a marketing tool to gain readers who might otherwise overlook a piece. Titles make a story or poem … Continue reading

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Midnight Musings: Fifty Shades of Hemingway

I haven’t read or seen Fifty Shades of Grey, but from what I gather, with friends on both sides of the Fifty Shades fence, it doesn’t seem like anything I want to check out. However, this isn’t the first time … Continue reading

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Moving Off the Factory Floor

Over the weekend I read an article by Sean Bishop entitled The Poetry Factory: On Mass Submission Culture. Though written two years ago, it remains an enlightening read about the economics of poetry submissions. Is the old method of submitting, selecting … Continue reading

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One Writer’s Prose is Another Writer’s Poem

I’ve recently been interested in found and erasure poetry, or poems created from other texts. Since I’ve been doing a lot of theory work and craft essays on @SocialLit these poems are a fun way to remain inspired without draining … Continue reading

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Please Read Responsibly

One of the biggest arguments in contemporary literature is that author intent is irrelevant. No matter what meaning an author believes their text to have, once it’s out in the world the only thing that matters is the meaning the … Continue reading

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Reaching the Rim

My family first came to know the name Ben Allison by following Davidson College basketball. Embodying the idea of typical “Davidsonians” we’ve always had season tickets to the games. Ben played on the team during the legendary “Stephan Curry years”. In … Continue reading

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