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Please Stop Fucking in My Bathroom

Originally posted on Eunoia Review:
In high school sex-ed classes, teachers showed us diagrams about STDs, bold-lined stick figures all linked together illustrating the idea: “When you sleep with someone you also sleep with everyone they’ve slept with.” This was…

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The Teaching Trap

I work as a teaching assistant at an Adaptive Education school. It’s my first full-time, “real world”, job and I started it immediately after graduating Emerson College last December. When applying for the position I had personal experience with mental … Continue reading

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“My High School Doesn’t Exist Anymore” : Memories of a Christian Cult Classic

“My high school doesn’t exist anymore.” For the past year or so this is a phrase I’ve used numerous times to explain the education portion of my resume. A potential employer might become understandably concerned if they attempted to verify the … Continue reading

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