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We’ll Do It Live

Listening to music today, especially popular tunes, it seems that there are always chants in the song, moments where the audience or listener is encouraged to participate with a simple Oh, Ah, Hey or some other single syllable phrase. While … Continue reading

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Poetry and the Private Sector

My good friend Bobby Crawford recently had his poem “Subaru Lover” go viral. His poem has found it’s way onto a lot of different blogs and news sites and has over 15,000 views. A comment on Jezebel, one of the … Continue reading

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Twitter Tour Tips

Our friends Wreck Loose from Pittsburgh are about to go on tour! We played with them on The Green Sundresses Tour at Garfield Artworks in Pittsburgh, they’re an amazing group of musicians and I’m excited to perform with them again … Continue reading

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Facebook Fans

One of the most inspiring, and overwhelming, aspects of the internet is that with it anyone can become a successful band or artist. The prospect of having a song or recording go viral and generate a fan base overnight keeps … Continue reading

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Midnight Musings: Starts and Finishes.

Before I begin I would like to add a few disclaimers: This is not directed at any one or any project specifically nor is it a response to this great Ted Talk. I understand that there are plenty of legitimate … Continue reading

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Booking Weekdays in Fort Wayne

Most aspects of being a relatively unknown indie, acoustic, songster are quiet enjoyable. You’re allowed to do exactly what you want with your work, no pressure from a label. As an unestablished act you have the ability to change things … Continue reading

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