Heaven Better Have Free Refills

Eunoia Review

I want my God to be the old man behind the projector at one of those classic movie theaters. Who has to organize the reels of film alphabetically, but makes sure to leave a few of his favorite ones on the top of the pile anyway. Who chews peppermints throughout the day, and gets yelled at by his daughter and his dentist because they think he’s going to hurt his teeth. Who yells at teenagers for their antics, not because he’s actually upset, but because he knows they’ll joke about it with the dates they brought, and he doesn’t mind being the butt end of any joke, especially one that helps somebody get laid. But mainly, I want my God to smoke cigars, because my Grandfather did. And I think the two of them should get along.

Donald C. Welch III lives in Brooklyn, NY. His current project @SocialLit explores…

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