Reaching the Rim

My family first came to know the name Ben Allison by following Davidson College basketball. Embodying the idea of typical “Davidsonians” we’ve always had season tickets to the games. Ben played on the team during the legendary “Stephan Curry years”. In 2008 our small town college basketball team skyrocketed into the national spotlight when they amazingly fought their way into the NCAA Elite Eight Tournament. If you lived in Davidson or the surrounding area during this time, you probably remember the excitement that filled the atmosphere as the whole community united in showing their for the Wildcats. For a little while, our small town felt like a really big deal. NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 17 Davidson v South Carolina After Ben graduated from Davidson he stayed with us for a few months while he searched for a job in the States, eventually landing one in Charlotte. Over the years he’s become an important part of our family. He shares in our birthday and holiday celebrations, participates in all of our weird family traditions and knows more about us than anyone would care to know. And of course, we have also come to know Ben quite well… or so we thought. photo-1 What Ben hid from us (or at least me) was his incredible talent as a writer, along with his plans to author a book. Ben’s first book, Reaching The Rim, was just released a few weeks ago on Reaching The Rim is an instruction manual of sorts, intended primarily for European youngsters who have ambitions of playing hoops in the United States. Ben provides readers a unique insight, directing young, European athletes on how to go about landing a scholarship at an American University, all while continuing to pursue their favorite pastime.


However, I believe anyone with a dream of their own, regardless of their interests, age or geographic location, could benefit from reading Reaching the Rim. Throughout the book, Ben reflects back on his remarkable story. From his beginnings in a small British farming village, to his time under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden, Ben takes his audience on an inspiring journey. He also evaluates the cultural differences he encountered while transitioning from Europe to the United States. While the story radiates the classic theme of ambition propelling one to success, Ben approaches the idea of “pursuing a dream” in a charmingly realistic way. The intensity of ones desires has no baring on reaching actual goals, rather, it fuels the fire that can compel individuals to work hard, carefully plan ahead and make necessary sacrifices. Ben’s overall message, accompanied by his inspiring personal narrative, make Reaching the Rim an informative and captivating read. I strongly encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself and anyone else you think might benefit. Also keep an eye out for future releases from this talented new author.


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