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LANGLEE : How Punk Rock Saved My Life

Last week Welch took you back to his ska band days, so I figured I should do the same with my punk band, Langlee. The first half of my senior year of High School marked an all time low for … Continue reading

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GFMD and the Blastoids

There’s a line in the 2nd verse of Elbows and Eyesockets that goes: Girls like you are the reason I joined a ska band in High School. So for a Throw Back Thursday post, I figured I’d explain that line a little bit. … Continue reading

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Thermal Static

About a month ago I teamed up with producer Grey Revell to record an EP at Impermanence Studios for my solo project Fountain Penn. It was the fourth EP Grey and I have done together and definitely won’t be the … Continue reading

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Conflict and Peace

              Mr. Welch filled you in on what’s been going on with his schooling. I figure I should offer a similar transparency, although my journey hasn’t been near as interesting or involved as his. … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, things have been pretty hectic! I’m in my last semester of college and as such I’ve been working on my thesis, which has dominated a lot of my time. So … Continue reading

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