Green Sundresses Tour

Here’s a video of footage from the Green Sundresses Tour to the tune of Respective Empires, the last track of our new EP.

Donnie and I started planning for this tour a little less than a year ago. As self diagnosed idealists, all of our projects start out grand and extravagant when we first dream them up. With time and preparation comes logic and reasoning, which nudge the wild ideas in a more conservative and somewhat economical direction. The tour was originally going to be over a month long,  taking us as far North as New England and as far West as Kansas. Overtime, the plans for tour were condensed to fit inside a NC, PA, IN triangle.

Brainstorming about The Green Sundresses Tour is what started Welch & Penn. As many already know, Donnie and I had played shows and toured together as separate solo projects. It wasn’t until we started working on this tour that we stumbled across the idea of creating a project of collaboration, my music with his poetry.

I’ll always be proud GSDT, despite a few setbacks, we set it up and completed it. I doubt it’ll be the longest or most exhausting tour Welch & Penn will go on and hopefully it won’t be the most successful, but, it was something we did independently. Trial and error was a big theme throughout the process, the lessons I learned from it all are priceless.



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