Motivated, motivated, motivated!

I’ve seen a lot of the country this summer, and a lot of the country I’ve never seen before! Between: The Green Sundress Tour, going to see friends and family in Massachusetts, attending Floydfest, creating “Leaving Dynamite” with Alex Ates in New Orleans and now recording in Nashville, I’ve traveled more miles than I care to count.  The one nice thing about traveling to these places, both new and familiar is that it allows me to get a feel for the city and its people. Like I talked about in my blog from tour, you never quite know what a place is like until you actually go there and experience it.  For example, the energy of a place like New Orleans isn’t something that’s easily explained, I could say: Going to New Orleans is like meeting a Voodoo witchdoctor with a personal horn section who greets you with a smile and a bowl jambalaya; but instead I find it better just to tell people to go sometime and find out for themselves, because it’s really something you have to immerse yourself in to feel and understand.

The downside of all this is obviously a travel fatigue. And travel fatigue leads to silly mistakes. I was only three days home from Massachusetts and Floydfest when I went to get on a bus to NOLA and still being so tired I missed my 1:10am bus to Atlanta, had to change my ticket time and sit in the Charlotte Greyhound station until the next Atlanta bus came at 7am. Needless to say I was wiped out and slept most of the way down. Then on the way back, I pretty much hopped off a Greyhound bus and into Penn’s car! I only got to spend a day back home after New Orleans before heading off to Nashville to record, I’m going back and forth between CDT and EST time zones, and I have to admit that it taken its toll.  I’ve pretty much gotten by on power naps.  What keeps me going though is the excitement of it all. I had never been to New Orleans, nor had I ever made my own piece of theater, the last theatrical thing I did up until then was a play in second grade. I’ve never been to Nashville, nor have I ever recorded in a professional studio. So despite my state of relative exhaustion, I’m thrilled to be here and wouldn’t have it any other way.

On The Green Sundress Tour, whenever we felt tired or worn out, Penn and I would say to one other, “Motivated, motivated, motivated”, and as much as it was a joke, in some ways it’s become a mantra, at least for me. The desire to create, the raw ambition to make something is the most inspiring force in my life. All I have right now is motivation.  So whenever I feel totally spent, that’s what I say to myself as a reminder that I’m doing all of this for a purpose. That I’m doing all of this because I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.


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