KICK-OFF SHOW: Summit Coffee, Davidson, NC

We all had such a fantastic time tonight.Image

Summit shows always feel like home for me. Great hometown crowd, great coffee, last night really sent us off right. I know I can’t ever repay you all for the support you’ve given us for this tour. When you’re out on the road, somewhere you’ve never been, and you’re wondering if the strangers at the venue you are playing will like your material, or even pay any attention, it’s so unbelievably encouraging to know that there are people rooting for you back home. So, we can’t thank you enough for supporting us, buying our merch, going to our shows, listening to our music, etc, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Right now, I’m packing up my car. In a few hours I’m picking up Don and Kev and then we’re off to Jamestown, NC to play one of my all time favorite venues, Turntable. The owners are a young couple from DC who had always dreamed of starting a venue. When one of them inherited a house in Jamestown they made it into a venue with an atmosphere that’s one of a kind. A true gem, Turntable is all about the music. There’s great drinks and food, unique texture and interior, but it’s geared toward the artist and listener. For an independent artists like us, this place couldn’t be better. I’m excited to play there again tonight.


Much Love,


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