Booking Weekdays in Fort Wayne

Most aspects of being a relatively unknown indie, acoustic, songster are quiet enjoyable. You’re allowed to do exactly what you want with your work, no pressure from a label. As an unestablished act you have the ability to change things up without people jumping down your throat. You get to play the same shitty venue you love so much again and again, spend weekends making cheap sounding records with you best friends. However, booking your own tour can be a real pain in the ass. This becomes especially tedious when you’re in need of weekday shows in small, midwestern cities that don’t have a real music scene. “Mocha Joe’s” doesn’t want two out-of-town strangers performing to a crowd of three on a glorious Monday night? They want me to wait until Thursday? Listen up, we’ll be long outta Fort Wayne by Thursday you jackass, you know, on account of being on tour. Barista Joe doesn’t think we’ll make him any money on a Monday? Well Joe, probably not any more than you’d make on a Saturday. Why don’t you just let us come sing to your staff? Never said you had to pay us. Quite frankly, we weren’t expecting anyone to show up anyway. All we want, all we REALLY want is just an excuse, an excuse to cut out of town and ditch our boring lives for a week. I don’t know, maybe you could cut us a break.



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