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Midnight Musings: Art and Athletics.

Since Penn has been blowing up the blogosphere, I feel as though I should write something too, so I decided just to post some of my late night thoughts: As a member of both the Emerson Men’s lacrosse team and … Continue reading

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Distortion, Impermenance, Shoelaces

Grey Revell is a legend in my mind and in the mind of many around the world who consider themselves a fan of a little sub-genre called Anti-Folk. This was a musical “style” that, like many genres, is usually confined … Continue reading

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Home Court Advantage

Spring break started last week with a show I booked at my own home court venue, Summit Coffee in Davidson, NC, a little coffee shop in the small college town I was born and raised in. Every performer needs a … Continue reading

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Booking Weekdays in Fort Wayne

Most aspects of being a relatively unknown indie, acoustic, songster are quiet enjoyable. You’re allowed to do exactly what you want with your work, no pressure from a label. As an unestablished act you have the ability to change things … Continue reading

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